Hypnotic Salon Store offers your favorite every-day Paul Mitchell hair care products by the gallon. Save on shampoos & conditioners all while receiving more to love! Explore our collection below.
CLARIFYING - Shampoo Three Gallon
CLARIFYING • REMOVES CHLORINE/IMPURITIES Remove product build-up, chlorine and minerals from hair with Shampoo Three from Paul Mitchell. This deep-cleansing...
CLARIFYING - Shampoo Two Gallon
CLARIFYING • DEEP CLEANSING • REMOVES BUILD-UP Shampoo Two from Paul Mitchell helps minimize oil and adds the perfect amount of body...
COLOR PROTECT - Conditioner Gallon
PRESERVES COLOR • ADDED PROTECTION Minimize color fading and keep hair hydrated with Color Protect Conditioner from Paul Mitchell....
COLOR PROTECT - Shampoo Gallon
PRESERVES COLOR • ADDED PROTECTION Preserve that gorgeous hair color with Color Protect Shampoo. Safe enough to use every day,...
LIGHTWEIGHT RINSE • DETANGLES For a conditioner that hydrates and adds volume, the Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Conditioner is the perfect...
EXTRA-BODY - Shampoo Gallon
THICKENS • VOLUMIZES Add volume and body to lifeless locks with Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Shampoo. This unique cleanser...
FLEXIBLE STYLE - Super Sculpt Gallon
FAST DRYING • STYLING GLAZE Provide your hair with a gorgeous, flexible hold and long-lasting memory while adding...
INSTANT MOISTURE - Conditioner Gallon
HYDRATES • REVIVES Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Conditioner provides your strands with the perfect moisture balance that hydrates...
HYDRATES • REVIVES Pump hair with the perfect amount of hydration with the perfect moisture shampoo. The Instant...
INSTANT MOISTURE - Super-Charged Treatment Gallon
INTENSE HYDRATION • ULTRA RICH Damaged hair can benefit from regular deep conditioning treatments. The Super-Charged Treatment from Paul...
ORIGINAL - Awapuhi Shampoo Gallon
ORIGINAL WASH • BALANCES MOISTURE Thoroughly cleanse any hair type, including color-treated hair, while balancing moisture and adding...
ORIGINAL - Shampoo One Gallon
ORIGINAL WASH • EXTREMELY GENTLE The Shampoo One from Paul Mitchell gently cleanses the scalp while improving manageability, and even...
ORIGINAL LEAVE-IN • BALANCES MOISTURE The Paul Mitchell Conditioner is the perfect leave-in moisturizing conditioner to smooth hair, reduce static,...
ORIGINAL CONDITIONER • SUPER RICH The Paul Mitchell Dentangler works to condition and unknot medium to coarse hair. The salon-quality...
SMOOTHES FRIZZ • SOFTENS TEXTURE Our best-selling and award-winning Super Skinny Shampoo smoothes and softens hair, making difficult strands...
SUPER STRONG - Conditioner Gallon
STRENGTHENS • REBUILDS Rebuild and protect hair strands with the Super Strong Conditioner from the renowned Paul Mitchell line of...
STRENGTHENS • REBUILDS To protect hair while preventing damage from everyday causes, the Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo is the...
TEA TREE - Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo Gallon
HYDRATING • SOOTHING Our replenishing Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo gently cleanses and conditions hair at the same time,...
TEA TREE - Special Shampoo Gallon
INVIGORATING CLEANSER Gently wash away impurities with Tea Tree Special Shampoo. Great for all hair types, this invigorating...
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